Money Making Idea #1: Ticket Brokering

A ticket broker, negatively termed as a scalper, is a type of job or business that buys and sells ticket events. They differ from ticket promoters or event organizers in a sense that they are not the primary source of the tickets. Ticket brokering is a second market for tickets for different kind of events such as concerts and sporting events.

As explained on TheTicketsGuide Blog, ticket brokering is legal. The federal law does not prohibit the practice of ticket brokerage. Laws and permits are required depending on your location. Laws that are enforced for brokers vary from different states and municipalities. So if you planning to start up a career or a business in the ticketing field, it is recommended to educate yourself with the laws of your state or municipality.

Ticket brokering is legal but risky because it is basically a form of marketing. It is an aggressive market. In order for you to be a successful ticket broker you have to be blood thirsty.

Understanding the Concept of Ticket Brokerage

People have different perceptions about the business. Most see it negatively as something that is illegal and unethical. Other see it as a good service that helps people, not unlike selling nutritional products or something like argan oil. However, if you are an open-minded business person willing to take huge risks of loosing so much or earning a lot from it, the odds of you making a profit out of the business is quite high.

Like any other type of business, entering the ticket brokerage world is a risk. You just have to have a good eye for the basic law of supply and demand. This type of business is all about making the perfect deal that favors both parties; however, the risk lies on making those deals with your customers.

To be successful, you have to have the knowledge in marketing, research, and advertising. You need to be hard-working, have a supply of money (credit cards and savings) and a network, and most important of all you need to be patient.

How do you start?

  1. Join and be affiliated with associations. The National Association of Ticket Brokers gears you up to help you with your business and career. By joining associations, you will be able to create a network, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the business.
  2. Ticket brokerage is marketing so it is important that you know your niche and market. Brokers are educated on the business so they have the knowledge of what sells and what does not. Ever heard of gsm voice encryption? A few years ago it was nonexistent and now it’s selling everywhere. Learn to read markets.
  3. Learn the laws related to ticket brokerage. Get your license. Laws vary depending on your state, so it is essential to educate yourself with the laws and regulations. If you plan to sell tickets in other states, know their laws as well.
  4. Start with a business name and create your website. Learn different online strategies and take advantage of different trends in online marketing. Make your service available online. Create a system.
  5. Buy and resell tickets. This is where you take the risk. Know what sells. Learn what other brokers are doing. Be observant of the market and apply your ticket brokerage knowledge to pricing and sales.

Making a Living Online: Some Pointers

The methods to make money online is not very difficult, unlike what others think it is .The great thing about the modern technology today is that anyone can do their own thing with just a few clicks on their computer while browsing the internet. Online business is not like driving a taxi or operating a store: everything can be done from home. From shopping, paying bills, studying, doing business, and of course, make money online. In these days that everyone just seem to be so busy, sitting in front of the computer for a few minutes to earn money is just something so appealing. Moreover, the chance to make money online is particularly great for people who are still studying, for those who have part time jobs, and for the stay-in moms who spend most of their times taking care of the children and maintaining the home. It is also ideal for employees and teenagers who want to earn a little bit more money (just see as an example of this kind of online business).

So for those want to to know how to make money online, here are some of the simple ways:

Buy Domain Names

For those who have some few bucks to spare, creating domain names and then selling them later on might prove to be a good way to earn money. Whether you want to blog or provide a Forskolin review, there are lots of websites offering cheap domain names. How this works is simple. A person would put up a random domain name, ranging from random alphabet combinations like to direct names like However, since direct names are fairly common these days, the best way to go is with random acronyms. Who knows, after sometime, a company might decide to build a website and would want the created domain name. This can be sold for hundreds of dollars depending on how much the company wants it and the traffic on the site.

Audio Transcription

This is definitely one of the new comers in the industry of making money online. A insurance vendor that I know uses audio transcription quite frequently and it turns out to be one of the most cost effective ways to market your business. There are now various websites like eLance or oDesk that offers people some few bucks in exchange of transcribing written materials for people with hearing disabilities. This also means that audio transcribing jobs come up fairly often because of the number of people asking for these services. It does not pay that much but the work is easy and it can be done in a matter of minutes.

5 New Online Business Ideas

Did you know that making money online can pay you more than investments in stock, bonds, or even a Roth IRA investment? Here are some more money-making ideas for those looking to make a living online:


Yes, joining contests on the internet can actually help a person make money online! Another great thing about these contests is that people can choose the topic that they want to participate in. Into photography? Google “photography contest” and look for the ones that are available in the area (if its international, that is just great). But before signing up and putting in all effort, be sure to read the terms and conditions including eligibility of the contestants and requirements. Once in a while, big companies, publications, media entities, and organizations put up online contests. Most contests are essay, photography, and sometimes, who gets to present the best idea/concept for the company, logo design, etc.


A great way to make money online for people who have lots to offer. Starting out with a new business? Want to share the greatest cupcake recipe recently discovered? Eager to let the world know about the band’s music or the artist’s painting? Sell it online! Don’t have money to start? Apply for a loan! Anything is possible online.

The internet is a great way to do marketing, buying, and selling. Did you know that the wire used to restrict dogs was invented and immediately sold online? It also does not cost much so it is ideal for independent companies, entrepreneurs, bands, or artists that are just starting out. Just look at Radiohead, they started selling their albums through their website years ago and consider the success their band has made. There are also people who are kindhearted and are willing to shell out some money as donations for the artists.


Ideal for photographers, amateur or professional, selling stock photos in the internet is a great way to make money online. There are lots of websites like iStockphoto, Fotolia, and Shutterstock that one can try out. With just a dose of creativity, talent, and persistence, a person can earn a decent income monthly with just selling stock photos. Take a good shot, submit it to the website, and wait for the money. However, keep in mind that this does not pay thousands of dollars right away.


In this day that apps on mobile phones and devices are getting very popular, developing apps is a good way to make money online. This is particularly great for those who have creative minds and some background on programming, especially if you don’t want to take the time to sell physical products like raspberry ketones or sneakers. If none, ask a friend who knows how to do this thing. Although apps does not sell for a large amount of price, accumulated amounts can go a long way once lots of people start buying it.


A great way for opinionated people to make money online, answering surveys can generate a decent amount of income. These online surveys does not take time, they are not tedious to answer, and they can be done in just a minute. After all of this is done, one gets cash right away. Most of these surveys are requested by companies and businesses who want to know how the opinions of the public. This is often a form of market research and anyone is eligible for answering the surveys. Check the internet for “paid surveys” and see that there are so many options to choose from.